Emergency help

Did the condom slide off or tore in spite of extensive practice? It happens in the best families. It’s essential to act quickly, though.

If you worry about an unwanted pregnancy
The “morning-after pill” helps girls to prevent pregnancies for up to 72 hours (three days) after sex. It prevents that you become an unwilling father or mother. You should hurry, though, because the sooner the pill is taken, the safer it will be. It’s best to take it within 12 hours.

Getting the “morning-after pill”
In Germany, the “morning-after pill” ist vailable over the counter in pharmacies.

Hot tips for the “morning-after pill”
It’s good that the “morning-after pill” is free of charge for youths under 20 who have statutory health insurance, because at 17-20 euros (or 30 euros for the "morning after pill" with ulipristalacetat) it’s not that cheap. If obtained at the age of 18 or later, there are additional fees involved.

To get the "morning-after pill" free of charge in the pharmacy you need a prescription from your doctor.

In other countries, the “morning-after pill” is called:

  • Switzerland: Pille danach
  • Belgium: “pilule du lendemain”
  • France: “contraception d`urgence”
  • Holland: “morning-afterpil”
  • Denmark: “fortrydelsespiller”
  • Great Britain: “emergency contraception pill”
  • Turkey: “ertesi gün hapI”

If you worry about infection
If you’re worried that you’ve been infected with a sexually transmitted disease because of a condom accident, then go to see a doctor or a specialized Advisory service. If detected quickly, most infections respond well to treatment and can even be cured.

If you are sure that one of you is HIV positive, then a post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) should be considered – but you have to act quickly. Call the personal telephonic advice of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA, tel. 01805-555 444) to obtain addresses and advice about the PEP.

In principle, it is important to keep one’s own body under observation. Unusual changes and especially itching, burning or discharge are unmistakable reasons for a fast doctor’s health check.

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