Better not this way

Rule of thumb: Better throw away a condom and start again with a new one than risk it with one used the wrong way.

Mistakes before sex

  • You don’t have a condom with you
  • You have only one condom with you
  • Your condoms are too old (expiration date)
  • Your condoms have not been tested (check for certification mark)
  • Your condoms were stored the wrong way (damaged)
  • You have the wrong condom size

Mistakes during sex

  • You start having sex without a condom (germs and first sperm cells don’t wait for the climax)
  • You don’t press the air out of the condom tip
  • You do not roll down the condom carefully (tear risk)
  • You don’t check whether the condom fits well
  • You put on the condom again after you had it on the wrong way
  • You use the wrong lubricant (don’t use oil or fat with latex; no skin or sun creams)
  • You use a spermicide cream in addition to the condom (damages latex)

Mistakes after sex

  • You do not grasp the condom firmly when pulling it out (can slide off)
  • You don’t wash your hands and penis
  • You continue without condom (new sex means using a new condom)
    So besser nichtBetter not this wayİşte böyle değilТак лучше не делать