After sex

After ejaculating, pull the still erect penis together with the condom from the vagina or anus. When doing so, grasp the condom ring firmly on the penis so the condom cannot slide off and sperm doesn’t get to the wrong places.

It doesn’t hurt to quickly check if everything remains airtight.

Correct disposal
Used condoms belong to the trashcan, not the commode because they can clog the pipes and bring sewage plants to a standstill. Wrapped in a paper tissue or toilet paper, they can be discreetly and hygienically disposed of.

Wash hands and penis
So sex can continue in a carefree way after ejaculation, you should wash away sperm traces on the penis and fingers.

Enjoy it again – with a new condom
Naturally, if you want to enjoy it again, use a new condom again.

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