Correct use

Right time
The tip of the penis can have sperm and germs even before the first ejaculation. Therefore, slip over the condom before your naked penis comes near your partner’s mucous membranes – and not until you penetrate.

Packing out
Tear the foil packaging open and take out the condom. When doing so, be careful with teeth, nails, jewelry and piercings because the condom must remain intact, obviously.

Putting it on
Place the condom ring on the erect tip of the penis. Remember two important things: Roll outwards and air outside.

The roll must face the exterior so you can roll down the condom. There must not be any air in the tip of the condom so the sperm will have room. To do this, just press the tip with your fingers.

Rolling down
Now, roll the condom ring down the erect penis until it is fully covered. You can pull back the foreskin before rolling down or when doing so. Try out what’s best for you, but remember: Do not pull and tug, do it gently!
If it doesn’t work right away, don’t let this frustrate you. It’s better to wait a couple of minutes and then to start again than to risk it unnecessarily.

If you start again, remember: Should something go wrong, use simply a new condom – especially if you first put it on the wrong way, because sperm from the pre-ejaculate can reach the wrong places.

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