Safe storage

Store your condoms in a small box or plastic or metallic tin because you can take it with you and will always have a reserve condom at hand. Should something possibly go wrong or not work, you can simply take another condom.

We don’t recommend to store condoms unprotected and loose

  • in pant pockets,
  • in book bags,
  • in the wallet.

Keys, coins and other hard objects can damage the packaging – and the condom as well.

For safety reasons, check whether the air cushion is still there. The cushion protects the condom, and if you can’t feel it any longer, you shouldn’t use the condom.

Avoid heat and cold
Temperatures below freezing and heat exceeding 30°C (86°F) because they damage condoms. Glove boxes in cars, motorcycles and scooters are not good places for condoms because they heat up.
Under normal temperatures, on the contrary, they last many years.

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