Trying out and practicing

The more practice you’ve had with the condom, the less it will bother you.

This is why practicing really makes sense – before the first time by all means – but also when you change condom brand so you know that everything will also be OK with the new one.

For practicing, buy condoms that fit you and try them out. How do you tear open the package? How do they unroll? Do they fit well? Trying out and training gives you confidence and you will enjoy sex more.
Most youths and young men prefer to practice by themselves the first time. But it can also be exciting and arousing to learn to tear open the package and roll down the condom together. Some couples look for the right condom together or also find different condoms suitable for different things.

    Probieren und trainierenTrying out and practicingTecrübe etmek ve denemekНелегко в учении…