Sex is naturally moist and slippery. Special glands produce extra moisture to protect sensitive skin areas so sex can be enjoyed even if rubbing lasts longer.

Moist condoms
Many condoms already come from the factory with a lubricating gel, which can have the aromatic smell and taste of a fruit or vanilla, for example. The lubricant not only helps it to slide nicely during sex, but sometimes also contains a contraceptive substance that paralyzes sperm (spermicide).

Additional lubricating gel
It can happen that the condom’s lubricant becomes insufficient for longer love play. In that case, you can use more lubricating gel to reduce friction. It also protects both the condom and the sensitive genital skin. Lubricating gel can generally be found where condoms are sold.

Caution: Always use only oil- and fat-free lubricants!
Oils and fats destroy latex, from which condoms are made. Then all protection is gone. Therefore it’s essential: Always use only oil-free and fat-free gel!

By the way, oils and fats are also found in sun creams, massage oils and Vaseline, so they should never be used as condom lubricants.

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