Model diversity

There are many different kinds of condoms. They differ in material, form, size, color, smell and taste. Most condoms are made of extremely thin latex, a natural product, but some are made of plastic such as polyurethane.

The wall thickness of your condom
Most condoms have a wall thickness of about 0.06 millimeters, but there are thicker and thinner ones. The thicker ones are named “extra strong” or “extra tear-proof” and are also suitable for anal sex, for example.

The form of your condom
Condoms are available in straight (= cylindrical) form and in shaped versions, in which case they are known as “contoured”, “tapered” or “anatomical”, and are sometimes narrower or wider at the glans. Pre-shaped condoms fit some penis shapes better.
Condoms can be smooth, grooved or nippled. The best way to find your favorite one is by trying them out.

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