This is how it fits

A sliding or pinching condom can make you really nervous. If it’s too wide, it can slide, if it’s too narrow, it can tear. So if you want perfect protection, you should know your size, as when you buy a protective helmet.

Your condom size – the width is decisive

  • You determine your condom size with a measuring tape (or in an emergency, with a string that you later measure.)
  • Place the measuring tape (or string) close to the body around the erected penis.
  • Now you know the perimeter in millimeters. But beware: This is not the width!

Because condom width – but not the perimeter – is always given, you divide the perimeter by two. Now you know the condom width (in millimeters!) that is ideal for you.

By the way, the length isn’t that important. You can regulate it by unrolling the condom.

You should also know that it’s normal for the penis to change its size during the course of your life. Youths and younger men often have a more slender penis than older men – even when erect. And the size of the erect penis can also depend on how much the erective tissue inside the penis will swell.

You can check your dimensions from time to time, as your penis may still change.

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